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C.T.F. as carrier and Transport Operator, counts on its own fleet and vehicles outsourcing. It is important to emphasize the constant update of its own fleet, counting with high-powered vehicles to shorten driving times. Most of our fleet is prepared for ADR (dangerous merchandise); all our semitrailers have 3 axes and pneumatic suspension, being the majority  of them extensible. We also have refrigerating and tilting semitrailers and large volume special transports. Is it important to emphasize that we offer 24 hours surveilled parking  with access control right at the end of the Port of Valencia where our vehicles park, with the purpose of protecting our clients merchandise.


Our company has the European administrative documents called “European Community Permits” to be able to make international road transport of merchandise. C.T.F. will cross the continent whenever their clients at the Port of Valencia require it.


We have extensible 3 axes semitrailers with pneumatic suspension and state-of-the-art generators to be able to transport refrigerated containers of 20 and 40 feet. We have our own facilities where we can connect them before or after services until delivery is made to the client or at the port terminal.


We have 3 axes semitrailers with pneumatic suspension which have container tilting equipment ready to tilt 20 feet long containers.


Most of our semitrailers fleet is 100% extensible with 3 axes and pneumatic suspension, offering an extra service to the logistics (round trips) of changing equipment at any destination by switching the 20×40 feet containers and vice versa for the optimum use of the import/export combination.


We offer more than 10 units prepared for the transport of containers with dangerous goods. Our experience is endorsed by FIMED, a safety counselling company which offers support to our company.


All our vehicles have fleet GPS tracking devices. Our customers can geotag their merchandise at all times, the trajectory can be traced and the expected time of arrival at destination can be estimated.