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Valencia, october 31st. 2017

TO: All personnel

FROM: Management

Our company is dedicated to the national and international road transport of merchandise, specializing and with great experience in the transport of containers carrying any type of merchandise (general, perishable, dangerous goods and special).  Likewise, we also offer tilting semitrailers for bulk merchandise.  Given the above, the Management, facing the commitment to ensure the quality and security of the service as well as the commitment with the environment, has defined the following corporate policy based on the following norms of reference:

  • ISO 9001.  Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001. Environmental Management Systems
  • Authorised Economic Operator

The following policy guidelines are mandatory for the company staff:

  • Customer service:
    • To understand the impact of incidences to their business or activities.
    • Involvement in the resolution of incidents.
    • Excellent treatment for all clients.
    • To confirm with the customer that the incident or service request was indeed resolved and the client is satisfied.
  • Coordination between departments and company teams, promoting communication and teamwork.
  • To adapt our services to meet our customers’ needs.
  • To plan and execute a continuous training program for the improvement of our capacities.
  • To enforce the concept of continuous improvement of our processes and services.
  • To comply with current legal regulations, ensuring the compliance to all legal and contractual requirements applicable to the development of the company’s functions.
  • Pollution prevention by identifying all possible pollution risks and determining the best way to approach them.
  • Contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact of the company’s activities.
  • To reduce the generation of hazardous waste and increase waste segregation in the workplace.
  • To supervise suppliers in the environmental aspect, ensuring an appropriate behavior towards the environment.