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At C.T.F., quality is a strategic

and differentiating factor

Our objective is to provide the best service to our clients with maximum efficiency, our main key being our team of efficient professionals we can rely on to ensure our commitment and responsibility.

Our main clients are the shipping companies of the Port of Valencia, freight forwarders and companies belonging to the industry in general.

Among the qualified personnel of C.T.F., we can find in addition to Juan Carlos Fernández, the company Manager, Luis Almenar, in charge of the Commercial Department and Carmen Fernández in the Administrative Department.

In addition, we can rely on the support of our partners with more than 50 years of experience dedicated to the world of transport and our operators committed to the company policy, always at the forefront of new technologies and constantly monitoring and ensuring service quality for our clients.

Our company has own facilities located in the Massanassa Industrial Park, a strategically important point very near the Port of Valencia. Thanks to our cost optimization policy and with the purpose of being competitive for our clients, we have an own petrol pump station and maintenance service for our vehicles. This way we reduce refueling and repairing times, as well as part of our operation costs.

The company has recieved the quality certificate ISO 9001:2000, granted by Bureau Veritas after passing annual audits, with a national reach for its activity and with international standing. This way, C.T.F. confirms its strict commitment to quality, with no other objective than to improve the transport services it offers to its clients.


In 1978, the Paulino Rafael Fernandez Oliver company began its journey in the Port of Valencia sector by running the company Transportes Fernández, focusing its activity in container transport. And thus it continued during 15  years, collaborating with other companies of the Port of Valencia, until 1993, when Paulino and his son Juan Carlos Fernández founded the family company Contenedores y Transportes Férricos, L.C. (C.T.F.). The purpose of this Valencian company is to offer its services as container carriers in the Port of Valencia.

C.T.F is supported by the outstanding professional experience of Paulino Rafael Fernández, who has dedicated fifty years of his life to the transport sector. Initially, he developed his professional activity in the world of transport in the quarries, along with his father Gregorio Fernández and his brothers. In this first stage, the Fernández family ran the quarries located in Ribarroja and Sagunto and they owned a fleet of dump trucks and machinery for the operation of the quarries, and participated in important projects such as the construction of the section Valencia-Sagunto of the A-7 freeway.

Later on, in a second phase, the family company was dedicated to the conventional transport of merchandise offering services covering the whole Spanish territory, participating in the distribution of telephone poles around the peninsula, as well as the transportation of all types of bulk merchandise, parcels, wood bulks , iron items, etc. One of the most transited routes was Huelva-Barcelona and Barcelona-Huelva.

Currently, C.T.F. is directed by Juan Carlos Fernández, being this the third generation of the family dedicated to transportation, and additionally counting on the familiar support of Carmen Fernández and Luis Almenar.

The company specializes in the logistic and transportation of containers in the Port of Valencia.

1960 Chilches Quarry, construction of the Valencia-Sagunto section of the A-7 freeway.

1965 transporte postes de telefónica

1965 Transportation of telephone poles.

1980 Container transport Port of Valencia.


Our Pegaso truck 2011/50

Preserved since 1968

It was one of the main players at the beginning of our journey in the Port of Valencia



Videos of the relocation to the Pegaso recovery center in Madrid Team Alvi